China GDP Per Capita 2015

China was the only country that grew at steady GDP growth rate when 2007-08’s recession period hit some of the biggest economies of the world. Even though they are down by few percents in current scenario, but their growth rate is pretty much stable. Steady, improving and fast expansion of China’s economy in last 4 to 5 decades shows in its GDP growth rates compared to its major competitors including India, US, Japan and Russia. According to World Bank indicator data, since 1980 China’s GDP growth rate has been 9.90% and it is growing consistently.

China GDP Per Capita

This information guide will provide China’s GDP rate in 2013 and 2014 based on data published by the International Monetary Fund. This information is based on growth rate predictions according performance of China’s current economic performance.

GDP of China in 2015

The International Monetary Fund has recently published a report on China’s GDP growth and it indicates that there should be slight growth in the year 2013 and it would be around 8.3%. If china continues to grow at this rate then by the end of this year their GDP will be $8.470 trillion and GDP per capita would be expected to touch $6,280 mark.

Last year IMF predicted China’s GDP to increase by 7.8% and that was correct as their GDP calculated to $7.887 trillion, making them second biggest economy in the world. On the other hand population of China is not expected to grow compared to their economy, that means its per capita will also increase further, as it touched $5,840 at the end of 2012.

Great wall of china


In 2011 GDP of China was $7.298 trillion which helped them to overtake Japan while making in the second largest economy in 2010. Given the fact China’s GDP is strong and growing at a rapid speed, we must understand that they also have to deal with a huge population because it directly affects their GDP per capita. China is also known to invest heavily in their military advancement projects and that also have a massive impact on their GDP growth rate.