Los Angeles Population 2015 Facts and City Information

According to Census 2014, population of Los Angeles city is 3.82 million and it is increasing every second. Geographically Los Angeles is the biggest city in California State and also the 2nd largest urban area in the US as well. This glorious city is located in the extreme southern region of California, and on the edge of Pacific Ocean.

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Talking about history of Los Angeles, it was first explored by Gasper Portola in the year 1769 who was a Spanish Explorer. Later on in 1781, Filipe De Neve (The Mexican Provincial Governor) named the city as “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles” which means “The Village of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels.” California was part of Mexico, but the 1848’s treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed between the US and Mexico, ceded California to the US and then in 1850 Los Angeles was formed as a city in this region.

Los Angeles’s terrific economic and infrastructure development growth is pretty much based on its equable climate, which helps attracting people, businesses and industries from other states and cities of the United States. Its recent development of citrus-fruits industry and discovery of oil in this region has increased its importance in the economy of the US. Other significant development in this region is the man-made harbor which has made its port one of the most important ones and busiest in the US. On the other side motion picture and traditional film industry has seen tremendous amount of growth because Hollywood is based in LA.

Given its valuable geographical location and demographics, Los Angeles is an important shipping hub for the US and other countries as well. On the other hand other industries like manufacturing, production, finance, communication and entertainment also plays an important role in the development of LA.

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Talking about tourism, it is one of the popular tourist destinations in the US and every year attracts millions of tourist from all across the globe. There are several movie studios and other destination that are part of the film industry that makes it a popular vacation destination, but apart from that there are also other interests including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, J. Paul Getty Museum, La Brea Tar Pits (Ice Age Fossils), Santa Anita and the world famous Disneyland as well. In a way we can say it’s a perfect destination for family vacation.

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This beautiful city full of life holds many distinctions. Apart from being the world’s entertainment capital, it also boasts of more than 250 famous museums, which makes it a perfect city that has something to offer for everyone. From amazing tourist destinations like Disneyland to lucrative career opportunities for aspirants, Los Angeles is the place to be in.

Size, Geography and Weather of Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is spread well over 470 square miles of land and the country of Los Angles is 4,086 square miles in size. Five county area including Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Ventura is approximately 34,140 square miles. There are total 88 cities in the Lost Angeles County including Vernon to Los Angeles City that has 3.8 million population.

Moving on to geography of LA, it is one of the most diverse regions of the US in terms of geographic area. Covered by San Gabriel Mountains, it is mainly a desert basin. LA County boasts of 76 miles of coastline and its altitude is 9ft. below the sea level. Rivers in the region include, river of Los Angeles, San Gabriel, Rio Hondo, and Santa Clara river.

Weather conditions in LA are ideal if you want to sit back, relax and enjoy your day. Generally Los Angele’s weather is described as perfect because majority of days throughout the year are warm and sunny with lovely ocean breeze flowing across the city in the summer. With very little rain, humidity percentage is generally low in this region.

Population of Los Angeles

According to government census of 2011 and data report published by the California Department of Finance, LA City’s population is 3.9 million and the County population is 9.8 million. Including the six county area of LA overall population is close to 21 million. Going by these population figures if Los Angeles were a state of these six counties, it would definitely go pass the total population of all the other states with the exception of Texas and California states. Given its dense population, LA is the second largest city in the US.

LA is a cultural center of the Pacific Rim for the simple fact that its population is diverse and multi-ethnic as well. It is one of those cities in the US that has no majority population because people from over 130 countries live here. They speak more than 80 different languages as they come from different countries and cultures.

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